A Healing, Caring Circle for Seniors

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program April 2009  issue.  A Healing, Caring Circle for Seniors
by Bernardine A. Clarke “Bernie,” MS, RN, HTCP/I, FAAN

It’s Tuesday afternoon about three-fifteen and we begin to gather in a large room with chairs forming a circle. By three-thirty there are 10 to 20 seniors from our retirement community present plus some Healing Touch people from the wider community and we begin by sharing our current joys and concerns—a new grandchild, a 60th wedding anniversary, an aching knee or shoulder, or an upcoming surgery. As we settle I lower the lights, start meditative music and we begin by balancing the energy field and centers, then extending our hand toward the center of the circle to send healing energy to those named in word or in thought. By this time it is about three-forty-five and we focus on bringing healing energy to our concerns of the day. b2ap3_thumbnail_A_Healing_Circle_For_Seniors_April_2009_EM.jpg

Our group is fluid and often we have a new member who comes with a friend or on their own to see what we are about. Emphasis
after meditation is focused on energy treatments related to what the individuals bring to the circle. Physical aches and pains usually respond to voice guided Basic Healing Touch Sequence using Magnetic Clearing, Ultrasound, and/or Pain Drain. Mind Clearing is often selected if the entire group seems upset by some recent happening such as 911 which occurred on a Tuesday
morning in 2001. That day we all arrived in great stress, concerned about what was to those happening those involved.




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