Healing Touch is practiced, governed and promoted using the highest professional standards.

The Healing Touch Program Code of Ethics and the Scope of Practice are two documents that are essential to the foundation, integrity and practice of Healing Touch. Healing Touch Program instructors, practitioners and students uphold the core concepts and values of Healing Touch through adhering to the principles and guidelines outlined in these documents.  

The HTP Ethics Committee is the guardian of the Code of Ethics and Statement of Scope of Practice.   The fundamental values of the Ethics Committee are quality, integrity, compassion, collaboration and commitment. The HTP Ethics Committee is a proactive resource supporting and promoting these five fundamental values, and the ethical conduct and decisions of HTP professionals, administrators, employees, and clients in the US and in all countries where HTP is adopted, taught and practiced.  

The HTP Code of Ethics expresses clear guidelines for the teaching and practice of Healing Touch.  In so doing, the Code exemplifies the ethical standards that are necessary to underpin Healing Touch practice and promote professional ideals, aspirations and a sense of safety and trusteeship for society.  

The HTP Scope of Practice defines four levels of Healing Touch (HT) practice and outlines how Healing Touch providers may refer to themselves, how they can practice and what they must be mindful of when practicing.  

To learn more about the HTP Ethics Committee policy, procedure and complaint process visit the following links.