10 Reasons why you should consider Healing Touch

By: Flor Taboada, HTCP This article was originally posted on Flor's blog. It is a great way to introduce Healing Touch to others. Healing Touch is a gentle complementary therapy that uses light touch to balance and restore energy that has been depleted due to mental or emotional stress, trauma,...
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Creating a Healing Practice by Janet Mentgen

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program April issue. Creating a Healing Practice By Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, HNC, HTCP/I, Founder of Healing Touch

Creating a Healing Practice

There are many things to consider when creating a healing practice. The practice needs to fit with your personality, your lifestyle, your values. Rushing into a practice is often costly and unsuccessful. Spend the necessary time imaging how your practice is to look. Work your plan on paper many times before making any financial investment. Set your goals and plans with an orientation to the future. Think about the practice in terms of the first year and years to come.b2ap3_thumbnail_samaritan-1178513-m.jpg

Definition of practice

A descriptive definition of the practice is a first step. Some types of practice include:

• private practice

• practice within a work setting – hospital, clinic

• practice with family or friends

• volunteer practice – hospice, cancer, A.I.D.S.

• church or ministry practice – parish nurse

• educational practice – teaching

Develop a vision of your practice

Being able to image your practice is helpful. Let it develop like a dream or visualization. Examine all aspects of the image and see yourself practicing successfully in the space.

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What My Clients Taught Me

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program April issue.   What my Clients Taught Me by Wanda Buckner, Ed.D., HTCP 

What my Clients Taught Me

In my previous profession— proposal develop­ment and writing—evaluation was a necessary part of every grant and every program. Evalu­ation told us what worked and what didn’t and how we could b2ap3_thumbnail_love-hands-healing-touch.jpgimprove. I wanted this same information from the 100 sessions I documented in preparation for Level 5. So I developed a brief evaluation form to elicit input from clients who saw me for three to five sessions. I offered five free ses­sions in exchange for completing the evaluation. When clients completed treatment they were asked to rate and comment on their results. Did they get the outcomes they wanted? Were there unexpected benefits? Was the setting conducive to treat­ment? (I have a home/office and dogs.) Did I talk too much? Were the suggestions for self-care helpful? I learned a lot during those one hundred sessions and I’m still learning! The highlights are below.

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Healing Touch Program Level 4 and 5 Curriculum: Solidifying Your Professional Practice


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program April issue.  Healing Touch Program Level 4 and 5 Curriculum:

Learn about what HTP offers at the Level 4 and 5 classes…

Overview: Healing Touch Program’s standardized curriculum has been enhanced on all five levels of the core curriculum over the last several years, particularly with the final two courses, b2ap3_thumbnail_studying-for-a-test-2-1126740-m.jpgLevels 4 and 5. With our twenty-one year American Holistic Nurses’ Association endorsement status and many years of providing continuing education contact hours for nurses and massage therapists, HTP is moving toward adding national ac­creditation as the next “gold standard” for validating the profes­sionalism of our adult education program.


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A New Tool for Healing Touch: How the HT Meditation Tools Can Support Your Practice


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March issue.

These meditation CDs were created for use with HT students, clients, practitioners and instructors of HT. They can also be used by anyone who is open to exploring a meditative /healing path in lifeb2ap3_thumbnail_healing_touch_meditations.jpg and therefore can be used outside of Healing Touch. Each meditation was worded with care to ensure inclusiveness for people on various spiri­tual paths. The second CD assumes some basic knowledge on the part of the listener. 



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My Level 4 Modality Saved My Work Life


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March issue.  My Level 4 Modality Saved My Work Life by Ellen Laffey, HTCP

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece is a site to be­hold. Five thousand years old! When one stands on this hallowed ground, you cannot believe you are walking in the steps of Socrates, Aristotle and Saint Paul.


Marble is the stone from which the Parthenon is constructed. As time, weather, and millions of visitors have worn down the marble, it is very slippery from dust and sand covering the stone. Signs alert visitors, “Slippery rock; watch your step.



While on the grounds of the Parthenon, I was walking and tak­ing in the site. I stepped over a very low pile of rocks. The bot­tom of my sneaker slid right down the side of the rock. My feet and legs rose up in the air, and I came right down onto my coc­cyx on top of stone. I checked my spine, legs and arms before I got up. No damage. I was so thankful as people surrounded me to help me up.


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Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison, Healing Touch Program Director


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March issue. Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison Healing Touch Program Director
Dear Readers,
Here in Colorado our heaviest snow months are March and April. But just today I saw my first robin of the year and I know I’ll soon be hearing the song of the Chickadee who announces spring in the Rocky Mountains. It’s been a long, cold snowy winter here which makes spring even more welcomed and appreciated. Those of you who live in temperate climates where the seasons are a part of your yearly rhythm know how the increased warmth, longer days, and signs of new growth in nature awaken in our inner selves an awe and excitement about the new life springing forth all around. Our spirits are lifted by Mother Nature who nourishes us, provides us with beauty and wraps us in the soulful feeling of hope and new life. 

Because my time in nature is such an important part of my daily life and spiritual practice, I feel a natural synchronization between what is happening in nature and how it reflects into my personal and vocational life. Healing Touch is obviously a large part of this chapter of my life’s work in the world. After experiencing the death of our dear founder, Janet Mentgen, almost five years ago, HTP for a few months initially experienced a sort of organizational winter…a stillness… a time of inner reflection….a pause of growth…a time of waiting…. the necessity of going within, like sitting in front of a candle on a winter’s night and contemplating “What is the quality of the light within us and how can we express it?”

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The Global Coherence Initiative


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program December 09′/January 10′ Issue. The Global Coherence Initiative By Annette Deyhle, PhD and Rollin McCraty, PhD

As many people are saying, humanity has reached a critical juncture in the early years of the 21st century and we are on the threshold of enormous social, spiritual and cultural changes. Our material-driven world has resulted in great discord, economic instability, war, violence, crime, overpopulation, food and water shortages, and envi­ronmental pollution and destruction.

For the past two decades we have been transitioning out of nationally-based industrial societies and cultures into an inter­connected, information-based global economy and to some extent a global society in which cultures with long-held values and customs often collide.b2ap3_thumbnail_Global_EM_1.jpg

Evidence suggests this transition will continue to be difficult. The global financial crisis that began in 2008 and is still being felt — sent shock waves around the world. It is clear that much of the human race remains stuck in a cycle of social and eco­nomic oppression, warfare, cultural intolerance and disregard for the environment.

Breaking this cycle is the greatest challenge our species has ever faced and requires a shift in human consciousness. The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) founded in the summer of 2008 by the nonprofit Institute of HeartMath,www.heartmath.org, has brought together noted scientists, researchers and leaders in many fields, and is working with and alongside people from every corner of the world to help facilitate this shift. The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based initiative to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to bal­ance, cooperation and enduring peace.


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Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison, Healing Touch Program Director

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program December 09′/January 10′ Issue.  Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison; Healing Touch Program Director

 Dear Readers,

December 2009 marks the close of our 20th Anniversary year. We are now beginning our 21st year, a new decade of orga­nizational maturity. Healing Touch has received worldwide b2ap3_thumbnail_Cynthia_h_09_10_EM.jpgprofessional recognition for its contributions to body-mind-spirit health and well being accomplished through the heart-centered practices of thousands of HT practitioners, students and instructors. Consumers are asking for it; health care facilities are realizing how HT and related holistic-integrative practices enhance the health and happiness of clients, patients and staff; and practitioners of HT testify to the benefits of practice in terms of personal and professional inner development and ful­fillment. Scientists who research HT, energy medicine and con­sciousness/intentionality are validating the reality and benefits of energy medicine practices. We are living in exciting times!

In honor of bringing HTP’s 20th anniversary celebration to a close, we would like to share with you a list of an overview of some of the accomplishments achieved over the years…

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Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison, Healing Touch Program Director


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program November Issue. Greetings from Cynthia Hutchison Healing Touch Program Director

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the November issue of Energy Magazine! Healing Touch Program is wrapping up the last two months of 2009 with more exciting news! As you know, this year is HTP’s 20th Anniversary celebration year. We committed to making it a memorable year and it has been. I am happy to announce that the new Healing Touch Guidebook: Practicing the Art and Sci­ence of Human Caring is completed and available for purchase (see the ad on page 16). We have received numerous endorse­ments for the book, including the following leaders in holistic 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Cynthia_H_Greetings_Letter.jpghealth, nursing and energy medicine: Jean Watson, Barbara Dossey, Janet Quinn, Lucia Thornton, Bob Nunley, Robert Scaer, Rob Ivker, Barbara Stone, Gregory Nicosia and Larry Stoler. We expect this book, whose author is Dorothea Hover-Kramer, a founding elder of Healing Touch, to be a wonderful ambassador for Healing Touch around the world. Other authors include James Oschman, Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon, Kathy Layte, Sister Rita Jean Dubrey and me. This text was a labor of love and celebration and is a very current, reader friendly  comprehensive overview of Healing Touch. 




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