Self Discovery

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program May Issue.  Self Discovery By Margaret Nies

If you have started thinking about where you are at in your life, you have started on the journey of self-discovery!Self-discovery is a journey that continues our entire lives. Each of us is in charge of our own journey. Our quest takes us to b2ap3_thumbnail_self_discovery_em_2010.jpgnew and different places, at different periods in our life, as we grow and change. Each new discovery builds on the previous, build­ing a wealth of wisdom and understanding that serves not only us, but also those around us.

Learning is intertwined with the path of self-discovery. Learn­ing provides opportunities for the discovery of new skills, creativity, and to acquire knowledge. More than that, it offers you an opportunity for renewal, excitement and the fulfillment of curiosity. Learning lets you explore new ideas, concepts and ways of being.

We all have new things we want to experience in our lives, things we want to try, things we still want to know about. The key is to begin. Take that first step, now. Don’t put it off until “some­day when . . .” It takes courage and persistence to begin. But once you take that first step, an amazing world begins to open. The universe becomes attuned to your thoughts and desires.


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