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  • Laurie Pointer
  • May 2011

hosp999999Do you ever leave a Healing Touch class so jazzed about energy healing, excited about how effortless the discussions about energy were after each technique, and have that “I found my people!” feeling? Then you arrive home or go back to work the next day and someone asks you, “What exactly is Healing Touch? What did you learn?” Suddenly what is coming from your mouth sounds as if it is being filtered through an erratic stoplight with a teenage flare. You start, you stop, you change directions, start again, you say “it’s like” a lot and eventually lose track of where you were heading.

THAT is exactly what we hope to remedy in the Healing Touch Presentations class. Each and every day we have an opportunity to make a difference in the world by sharing light and energy wherever we go and by opening the door for others to discover their unique gifts of healing. We can do this by cultivating our skills in talking about energy.

You are not alone if you “freeze” and become tongue-tied when you are asked “What is Healing Touch?” My first suggestion is to set the intention that you will feel perfectly comfortable talking about Healing Touch and that you will have all the right words to say in a way that meets the inquirers exactly where they are.  When I did my mentorship 14 years ago, that was one of the goals I wrote into my mentorship contract -- “I will be able to talk easily and comfortably about Healing Touch.” 

Your intention alone will bring light and wisdom to your communication. Secondly, it is helpful to read and re-read some ways of describing basic energy concepts. Just as we allow energy to flow through us, begin to allow the words to flow through you.  As you read the following examples of answers to common questions, allow your own unique variations to bubble up within you. Soon you will be talking about Healing Touch the way you talk about your kids, your grandkids, or your latest adventures!  It will bubble from you with a contagious enthusiasm!

Q: Is Healing Touch new or has it been around for a while?

A: Healing Touch is a modern interpretation of an ancient Healing art. The art of hands on healing has been around as long as humans have been around and there is evidence of this in many different cultures. Healing Touch Program was founded by Janet Mentgen in 1989. Healing Touch incorporates techniques from many well-known healers into one program. 

Q: How does Healing Touch work?

A: It enhances the body’s natural ability to heal by increasing the flow of life force energy through the body. We always say in Healing Touch, if we can create movement of the energy, we can co-create healing. Practitioners simply use their body as a vehicle to bring higher vibration energy through to the client. The higher the vibration in the body, the more the energy flows. 

Symptoms manifest in the body when the energy flow becomes sluggish. Each of us has both a physical body and an energetic body. Our physical body is constantly taking information from the energy body to decide how it is building and repairing. Our energy field is considered to be the blue print for the physical body. Just as a builder will look at an architect’s blueprints to decide how to build a house, our physical body is constantly looking to the energy body to see how it will build and repair- because, as you know - the cells of our body are constantly building and repairing.

If we can keep our blueprint nice and healthy - we create the conditions for optimal health and well-being. We can clear things from the energy field before they have a chance to manifest physically. All healing is self-healing. For example, if you break a bone, you go to a doctor and the doctor sets the bone for you. However, the body itself actually does the healing. In the same way, a Healing Touch practitioner helps to “set” the energy, but the body itself does the healing. 

Q:  Can anyone do Healing Touch or is it just for people who “have the gift”?

A:  Most definitely anyone can do it. We were all created to flow energy to each other. Learning to flow energy is a skill - and just like anything else- the more you practice it, the easier it becomes. Janet Mentgen always had the vision of Healing Touch being available to every person in every home, school, healthcare facility and hospital. It would behoove most people to take a Level 1 Healing Touch class, in order to have some great tools to treat family, friends, and pets for common ailments - to keep the whole family healthier. We can prevent many visits to the doctor just by doing a bit of Healing Touch to treat things like colds, headaches, sprained ankles, cuts, stress, etc. It is a great first aid skill to have! 

Q:  What should I expect when I come for a session?

A:  The first session would be about and an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half. Your practitioner will start by conducting an intake interview with you - asking you many questions about the whole picture of wellness in your life. You will be asked about your medical history, as well as questions such as: What kind of things create stress for you? What do you do to relieve stress? 

The intake interview will be followed by a Healing Touch treatment on a treatment table. Clients remain fully clothed for a treatment and the practitioner will start by assessing the energy field and then choosing techniques to administer based on the information obtained in the assessment. Healing Touch involves some light touch, some hands on the body, and some working just in the energy field without actually touching the body.  It is typically very relaxing. Because we are such interconnected beings, Healing Touch affects us on all levels -- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Q:  Who comes for Healing Touch?

A:  Everyone! Men, women, seniors, children, and babies. Very often the first thing that gets someone through the door is a physical issue. It might be an illness, or injury, or some kind of chronic pain that has not been helped by Western medicine.  Many times the healing results in an emotional clearing or a spiritual healing. Everything that has ever happened to us is stored in the energy field. So when we begin to move energy, it frequently stirs up memories, feelings, etc. It gives us an opportunity to clear those things we have stored away that are compromising our flow of energy, which often is what causes the pain or physical discomfort in the first place. 

Some people just come for Healing Touch for relaxation and to prevent illness and to stay healthier. Many people prefer it over massage because they are more comfortable not having to disrobe for the session and the relaxation benefits are just as profound, if not more so. 

The Healing Touch Presentations class will free your tongue, build your confidence, and ultimately help you create a Healing Touch practice perfectly in alignment with your desires. It will give you the tools you need to speak about Healing Touch and confidently answer whatever questions you are asked. As you “do the work” (Janet Mentgen’s famous statement), step by step, you will become an important part of the growth of Healing Touch Program and the manifestation of Janet’s vision for this work in the world. 

Reprint from Energy Magazine Issue: May 2011

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