Nicholas Brady is a Healer

Nicholas Brady is a Healer

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March issue. Nicholas Brady is a Healer. by Walle Adams-Gerdts, HTCP, Healing Touch Instructor



Nicholas Brady is a healer. He has enthusiastically agreed to allow me to assist him this day as he works with his mother in a Healing Touch session. He assists her to the table and then inquires “What is bothering you today, Mom?” She relates that she has tight shoulders and a tension headache, in addition to a mid-lower back ache, which she feels are all related to the over-scheduled calendar that she has recently been following. Nicholas makes sure that she is comfortable lying face down on the treatment table with her head resting in the face cradle. He reminds her that he is placing a bolster under her feet to decrease the pressure on her back. 

We talk for a moment about the best techniques to use and settle on a Chakra Connection, followed by tension headache techniques and appropriate back work, if the assessment warrants it. Joining him at his mother’s feet, we connect palms and then draw the energy up from the Earth into our heart centers, inviting the energy from the Heavens to meet and mingle there before it flows effortlessly over our shoulders, down our arms and into our hands, activating our palms to do the work for his mother’s highest good. I “peek” at him while we attune to one another and I am amazed at his focused, calm presence. We team up for the Two on One (2:1) Chakra Connection, to clear, open, and balance the energy centers along the back. He nods to me as he senses the completion of each hand held position and we move right along, mirroring one another.

He is such a Heart-centered healer. I watch as he places his palms over her throat center on the back of her neck, connecting the brow center with his other hand to help with the tension headache. I begin to work on her spine after assessing for open energy flow along the spinal column. There is need for the Vertebral Spiral technique and as I offer this under the watchful eyes of Nicholas, he is gently massaging his mother’s neck to the occipital ridge. He completes the work by connecting the energy centers to the transpersonal space and after competent assessment, we determine that her energy is connected and balanced and the spinal flow is intact once again. My hands follow beside his as we brush down her back with fingers resembling feather dusters and then we continue down the legs and sweep off the feet.

Nicholas’ mom sighs and states that she feels “lighter” and her headache has decreased. She is grateful. She sits up and he reminds her that she needs to stay there until he grounds her. He reaches down and sandwiches one of her feet in his hands and I follow suit. As I glance at him, his eyes are closed and his face is turned upward toward the Heavens. I wonder what he is thinking. His expression is reminiscent of the time that we worked with his mother after her hysterectomy — another grace-filled Healing Touch opportunity to work alongside this humble healer.

He opens his eyes and asks if she feels grounded and she nods yes. He helps her off the table and to a chair where she begins to put on her shoes. It is time to leave and we hug one another after scheduling our next Healing Touch appointment. Nicholas will go first again the next time we meet.

Nicholas Brady is 10 years old.

Nicholas Brady has multiple sclerosis.

Nicholas Brady is a healer.

About the author:

Walle Adams-Gerdts, RN, BA, HTCP is a practicing hematology/oncology bone marrow nurse at A. I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE. In addition to her nursing shifts, she offers Healing Touch to patients and their caregivers sixteen hours per week, coordinates Healing Touch classes for the hospital, and is a Level 1 Healing Touch Instructor in training. Her vision is to introduce an integrative health care department to the hospital in the near future. She can be reached at or (302) 651-4325 (HEAL).



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