Just Do The Work and See What Else Is Possible

Just Do The Work and See What Else Is Possible


 Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program May Issue.  Just Do the Work and see What Else is Possible by Cindy Palajac, Hon. B.A., Dip. Adult Ed., HTCP/I

Yesterday was my day off and the farthest thing from my mind was “doing the work of Healing Touch.” I enjoyed a lovely hand reflexology treat­ment, went to the chiropractor with my daughter, had lunch and went to yoga with a girlfriend.Then around 3:00 pm, as I followed my guidance to stop by a restaurant and pick up my daughter’s pay check, I was not aware that spirit was leading me to “do the work.” When I en­tered the Huron House Restaurant the owner was on the phone with 911 because a patron was in cardiac distress. I asked if I could help and he said, “Yes, go to the back of the b2ap3_thumbnail_mother-and-son-49314-m.jpgrestaurant”. The woman in distress was sitting up but appeared disoriented. I asked for permission from her daughterto do energy healing and proceeded to hold her shoulders, comfort her with words, work up and down her spine and then hold the front of her forehead and back of her neck. I continued to do Healing Touch as we waited for the emergency squad to arrive but I became acutely aware of the distress the daughter and sister were in. I was also aware that their stress increased once the paramed­ics arrived. I encouraged them to breathe deeply and stay calm and just allowed them to talk.



We never know when we will be called on to “do the work” and the wonderful thing is that our hands and open heart are always present for us. May opportunities to “do the work” appear for us almost on a daily basis. Keep asking the question, “What else is possible?” I asked myself that question as I left the restau­rant and drove to my webmaster’s who needed a DVD for my website. Little did I know I would be “doing the work” again, but in a different way.  When I pulled into her condo complex to park my car, there was a 16- year old teenage girl yelling profanities at what appeared to be her mother. It turned out that it was her boyfriend’s moth­er. As I sat in my car and watched them scream at each other, I held my center and remained grounded. The teenager had dented this woman’s car with her purse. As the yelling intensi­fied I grounded more and sent them peace. The teenager then ran after this woman who yelled at me to call the police. “Keep holding your place of peace in the midst of chaos,” I reminded myself. The woman outran the teenager and the boyfriend per­suaded the girl to leave.  When the police arrived, the woman told them it was just a family disagreement between her and her son. This incident reminded me of the chaos some people live in and how they are not even aware of how to stay calm, speak respectfully and communicate from their heart. I left and thanked the universe for the opportunity to be present and peaceful.

I finally made it to my daughter’s soccer game at 4:30 pm, in time to see the last half. They won 1-0. It was nice to stand on solid ground, connect to the earth and have the sun shine on me after the previous two incidents. How was your day off? Any opportunities “to do the work?”

Today, I am back at work and it is quiet — so far.


About the author:

As an Energy Healer and Facilitator, Cindy Palajac, has studied and practiced many forms of healing and energy work since 1987. Her credentials include Hon. B.A., Diploma in Adult Edu­cation, and Healing Touch Certified Instructor (HTCI). Her thirst for knowledge led to training in Reflexology, Healing Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Ear Candling, Medical Intuition, Guided Imagery, Shamanic Journeying and Meditation. Self-Esteem Counselling for adults and children is another facet of her training.


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