Cultivating the Yang of Your Business Mind

Cultivating the Yang of Your Business Mind


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program April issue.  Cultivating the Yang of Your Business Mind by Lauri Pointer, BA, HTCP/I

Many of us who are drawn to the profession of Healing Touch have well developed right brains (our yin side) – we b2ap3_thumbnail_ying-yang-htp-blog.jpgare creative, playful, spiritual, intui­tive. These qualities allow us to be very effective at administering a Healing Touch treatment. But it takes more than a right brain approach to manifest a thriving Healing Touch practice. There is a business structure and a plan behind every practice that sur­vives and thrives. Often this requires a practitioner to cultivate growth and development of the left brain (our Yang side) – that aspect of our self that under­stands the business structure and financial aspects of business.

I often say I would do my work even if I never got paid, if I could afford to live. It is true that Healing Touch has become a way of life and I will likely do Healing Touch in one form or another for the rest of my days. But what I have also come to know and appreciate about myself is that I really love abundance and financial freedom! It is really fun to make money doing what I love. Passionate energy, by Law of Attraction, draws to us that which energizes us. Because I love to do Healing Touch and feel excited about opportunities to share HT, many opportuni­ties come my way to do this work. Because I love the thrill of supporting myself abundantly, I also attract plenty of people happy to pay for a treatment.

I regularly challenge myself to think bigger, which for me feels like a yang development of my mind. Financial abundance really allows for some incredible experiences for myself and my chil­dren. The experiences I desire – create the passionate energy within me. I also love the feeling of having plenty to share when I feel moved to support a cause or help someone. I believe in the Law of Supply and Demand. Supply flows as demand is

created. Its like the old saying, “If we waited until we could af­ford kids, we’d never have them.” Of course we wouldn’t! Why

would the supply to support children flow in if there are no chil­dren there? We haven’t yet created the demand.

You can create the demand for your Healing Touch practice by committing to what you desire and taking steps in that direction. Then the supply will be there if you take steps forward with trust and commitment. Share your wealth regularly and more will flow! Get excited about your Healing Touch practice and take steps in that direction and it will flow. It is important to get clear on what you want and stay focused. Too often I see practi­tioners bounce all over the place in the direction they want to go with their Healing Touch practice. Energy is flowing for them, but in exactly the way they have created the demand- in a million different directions with not enough energy flowing in one place to launch anything. So do what you need to do to get clear. Maybe schedule an appointment with a life coach to help you get clear. Do some journaling and envision your ideal practice, dreaming of it with the mentality that there are no limits. Study the habits of others who are thriving with their practice. Sur­round yourself with positive people and avoid situations that feel negative or draining.

One tool you can use is called a Manifestation Box. Decorate (or not!) a shoe box or other box with a lid. Place within it pieces of paper that list what it is you are desiring to manifest, with one piece of paper for each item. Remember to keep challenging yourself to think, “If there were no limits (which there aren’t un­less we self impost them!), what qualities would I desire to have as part of my Healing Touch practice?” Then write them in pres­ent tense as if you already have them. I often will write it like this: “Thank you for the perfect _______”(fill in the blank with whatever it is). You can also cut out images from a magazine that represent what you are desiring to manifest and put those in the box. After awhile I created a “Manifested Box” and I move the sheets of paper or images over into the manifested box when my intentions come to fruition. The manifested box has given me a very visual reminder of how powerfully and rapidly we can manifest when we are clear and focused and when we release attachment to the outcome. The more I trust the process, the easier it is to manifest.

Another important item is to hire a good accountant to help you know how to structure your business and what things are tax deductible. Check to see if your town offers a start up class for small businesses through your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Development Center. Even if you have been in practice for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to attend a class like that to refine the way you are doing things. You will likely pick up some new ideas. Maybe you want to hire a bookkeeper to help you get set up with a bookkeeping system that works well for you personally. Don’t hesitate to hire others to help you with areas you don’t know how to do or that you don’t like to do. It will be well worth it in the long run. I found that once I hired someone to do the things that felt energy draining to me, it freed up more of my energy to do the work I LOVE. I had new clients calling right away after I hired someone else to do my bookkeeping.

Any time we can get the energy feel of being where we want to be, all that we need to get there will flow to us with effortless ease. I used to keenly observe other women who I perceived to be very successful business women. I would think of stepping into their shoes for a bit, carry myself the way they do, imag­ing how it would be to think and act like a successful business woman who just trusted in the flow. Pretty soon, I realized am a successful business woman with my own style and my own flare! The phrase “fake it til you make it” is really great manifes­tation advice!

Finally, lets take a look at confidence and enthusiasm. If you believe in yourself, others will too! What do you need to do to increase your confidence? Do you need to clear limiting beliefs through journaling? Get more experience doing HT? Take more classes? Review your Healing Touch notebooks? Do whatever it takes to increase your own confidence in your work.

And enthusiasm is contagious!

“The root of the word enthusiasm is entheos. It literally means “God Within.” When you feel enthusiastic about your dreams, it means that God is speaking through you and saying “yes” to your goals. The feeling of enthusiasm is one of the ways intuition speaks to us. Just ask, “What makes me happy, fills me with joy, or thrills me with excitement?” If you have those feel­ings about anything at all in your life, that is part of your guid­ance system telling you what to do.”

-Lynn Robinson, Divine Intuition

Wake up each day and ask higher power, “What do you need me to know today?” As you receive guidance, act on it! Even if you just do three action steps per day, soon you will find your­self in a thriving practice of your dreams with your yin and yang working together to support you in sharing your gift of Healing Touch with the world.

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Lauri Pointer is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor and a Certi­fied Journal to the Self Instructor with a full time private practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Colorado State University. Lauri is the Lead Instructor for both Level 2 Healing Touch and the Heal­ing Touch Presentations class for HTP. She regularly teaches Healing Touch and Journaling classes around the country and in Northern Colorado.



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