A Review of 'Awakening the Tiger Within' by Joy Heartsong

A Review of 'Awakening the Tiger Within' by Joy Heartsong


Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program March issue.

 A Review of Awakening the Tiger by Barbara Starke, HTCP/I 

This is a wonderful book for the person new to energy healing…and as a seasoned practitioner/instructor. I found the reading reinforcing of my own life’s journey…and very empow­ering. The simplicity of the stories and the ease of the exercises are most refreshing. I’m so glad I took the time to read Awaken­ing the Tiger Within. I’m sharing this book with friends and b2ap3_thumbnail_Book_Review_Tiger.jpgrecommending it to my HTP mentees.

I thank Joy for putting her life’s journey on paper and sharing her wisdom…She gives me, and I’m sure, others, the confi­dence to build ourselves up from the ashes and pains of what­ever Life presents to us–in ways that create more Light, more Love, more enthusiasm and more zest for what can indeed become, a life well lived.

Joy’s story–and those of her clients–give such testament to the power of healing–the possibilities of living beyond pain and suffering. Especially the “effortless effort” of moving beyond the pain and suffering when we choose to partner in our healing process with response-able caring practitioners like Joy.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Joy_Headshot.jpgJoy is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and intuitive. She is passionate about helping others claim their true power by connecting with the wisdom of the Tiger within. Her mes­sage is that we all have the power to heal that comes from a higher source manifesting through each of us. Her writing includes stories, insights, and techniques from suc­cesses with both her clients and her own healing journey.



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