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You and Your Loved Ones

Want to go from living with discomfort, stress, drained

to natural pain relief, relaxation and abundant energy?

Healing Touch can help!


Hi , I’m Lisa Gordon, CEO of Healing Touch Program....

I have witnesses people transform themselves with Healing Touch for over 30 years. Healing Touch has changed so many lives through natural energy biofield healing and I would love to introduce you to Healing Touch so you can return to abundant, energetic vibrant wellness.

You may not have heard of Healing Touch, but this is an exciting, emerging area of health and wellness that is fast becoming part of integrative medicine as the energetic component, the key to healing and health.  

Energy healing will allow you to connect with your emotions, and clear, charge and balance your Chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of your body that serve as the nonphysical highway through which universal energy travels, connecting this energy with the physical body. So when your Chakras are unbalaned, so are you.


If Only You Had the Indisputable Knowledge Of…


How healing works and how it is related to the subtle energy that everything is made of...

How to KNOW what energetic interventions to use, how to find and unblock stuck energy, how to help people to energetically support their own self-care.

You'd JOIN thousands of other individuals that are serving themselves and the people they care for in a holistic natural way to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue, improve sleep, their immune system and so much more.

EVERYWHERE you look, people are searching for new ways of supporting their health and well-being, that are non-invasive, economical, effective and natural.

But no one tells you that all healing is self-healing and that we all have the innate ability to use energy healing to support health and well-being (for ourselves and others).  

It's crazy how many people are suffering emotionally, physically and spiritually, never seeming to find the solutions to the root causes that keep them stuck in the healing process, never looking at them from an energetic perspective. 

Are you addressing your health and well-being at an energetic level?


James Oschman quote

Many people think that the answer is relaying on traditional healthcare

to solve their physical and emotional problems. 

But, as the quote above so eloquently states, science is now looking for answers in our energy fields for health solutions and disease. 

And that’s what makes it so hard when we are relying solely on our current health-care options to solve our healing crisis and we are not getting the results we expected or we find ourselves not healing. 

We go to our health-care providers expecting them to cure our aliments, have it all cover by insurance, and expect to be back on our feet in a very short time....

And then when the initial excitement wears off, and reality sets in…  

You realize that it takes longer to get back on your feet, your healing process is slow or stalled, you are feeling side effects form prescription drugs, you have less energy, maybe you’re not sleeping well... And you start to question if you are ever going to feel better...

Thinking about how long you (or a loved one) have felt bad, how much longer is it going to take to fell better...

And you start to feel overwhelmed.

What if you have spent all this time, money and effort trying to get better and you don't?

What if it doesn’t work?


As an energetic being,

the single most important thing

you need to do is to address

your physical and emotional discomfort

from an energetic perspective.


Energy is the building block of all matter.

Think back to your biology class. The human body is made up of cells. And each cell is responsible for the thousands of different cellular processes that make our bodies function.

Each cell is an energetic transformer that supports living organisms. Life is dependent on energy transformations (giving and receiving) - living organisms survive because of exchange of energy between living tissues/ cells and the outside environment.

Everything consists of and exists through energy. It is energy that holds the molecules that make up the human body and creates and contains the unique blueprint for each body. All living organisms have bio-energy.

....You, animals, trees, our food and so forth are all composed of energy.

....Our universe is created from energy. Every physical thing in our life is not solid matter but rather fields of energy or frequency patterns of information.  

And because the world is made up of energy and this energy is consistently moving and shifting, it means that nothing is really fixed.

This includes your health, emotions and body.

Trauma, disease, tumors, emotional disorders, moods and so much more can be altered by changing the energy of it.

From this subtle level you will energetically be able to get to the underlying cause.

Because all "dis-ease" is found in the energetic field that surrounds and penetrates your body.

Now imagine for a moment that you know exactly how to find and balance any energetic blockages in the energetic system. And all that you had to do was to find these blockages and unblock them, with the energy you already have access to, and help the body to self-heal.

How easy would healing be then?

And here is the reality:

There are people right now (many of them that are not health-care professionals) that are experiencing first-hand what it's like to use energy healing in their homes, work or schools...

Because they know exactly how to use their hearts and hands to support self-healing, how to tap into universal energy to use for themselves or others, how to find energetic blocks, and how to use techniques to unblock that quickly bring relaxation to the body and place themselves or those that they care for in a position to self-heal.