Roxy's Healing Touch

Roxy's Healing Touch

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program May 2011 Issue.

Roxy is quite comfortable using Healing Touch techniques on herself and those around her. She has an internal code of conduct that moves her to ask for permission before she uses what she thinks might help others. The techniques make sense to her and she’s so “at home” with using Healing Touch that she hardly ever thinks twice about when and where to offer herself as a helper. Roxy has helped people with bruises, cuts, wounds of various typesb2ap3_thumbnail_Roxys_Healing_Touch.jpg- often on the playground during recess. Roxy is seven- years old. This is her story.

Roxy’s Mother has been involved in healing and natural therapies her entire adult life. It is in her blood. When she became pregnant, it was a given that I would do HT with her during the delivery. We live across the state of Michigan from each other. Seven years ago I spent the delivery with Mom and watched her ease as she went with the flow of the contractions and the challenge to bring another precious Being into the world.

Roxy showed up! Perfect and wondrously present. From that experience onward, she and I have had a closeness that transcends friendship -- we are bonded in a special way. I cannot explain it -- I simply celebrate it!

I offered to teach the Children’s Healing Touch class to Roxy and a group of her friends. A no-hesitation - “Yes!” came from Roxy. I arrived with My Helpful Healing Touch books, crayons, paper, Energy Ball, Chakra Doll, and some nervousness since I have been teaching adults energy medicine for 16 years. Six and seven-year olds are quite a different student demographic!

Five children came to take the class -- and in those five kids was more excitement and enthusiasm than is typical of an adult classroom of 20! (What happens to us from childhood to adulthood that dampens our joy or locks away our enthusiasm for life?)

It has been almost six months since Roxy took her first Healing Touch for Children class. I called her the other day to ask how things are going and what could she share with others who might want to bring HT into their lives. Here is what she told me:

“I’ve used it at recess a lot. The kids run around and play and when they get hurt I use it on their knees; or they’ll hurt their arm; or if it there’s a rock and they trip over it; or if they fall down -- no matter what happens, I offer.”

“I ask them, ‘What happened?’ Alex will say what happened. ‘Do you want me to help you?’ Alex says, ‘Yes’. I tell him how to do Healing Touch. ‘You move your hands over the hurt and think of happy thoughts’. Then I think of happy thoughts. First

I like to warm up my hands to feel warmer -- then I do Healing Touch”.

“I go to PYP-InternationalLaureateSchool in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We were studying caring and water and we’re going to report on HT and how it helps our bodies feel better because we’re made up of water.”

“When I had a loose tooth, I used Healing Touch to help the pain of the loose tooth. I just use it whenever I can.”

“I use it for headaches, too”. (There is a long pause in our conversation -- then Roxy says, thoughtfully.)

“I use it a lot”.

(Another gentle pause and then Roxy says.)

“Whenever we have a booboo we can go to that special place  -- I think of Healing Touch and it calms us down”

When I think of all the years I needed to get comfortable with HT -- the research, the validity, the confidence -- I am so grateful for the guidance and ease I garner from people like Roxy who truly remind me to “do the work” -- as trite as it sounds but how true the words are!

Thank you Roxy, for sharing your thoughts about Healing Touch with Children. You are truly offering us a bright Light-filled future of healing and hope.

About the author: 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Barbie_starke.jpgBarbara Ann Starke, RN, MSN, FNP, AHNC, HTCP/I, ADS Trainer, has over 20 years of experience as a holistic nurse. Currently, she is in private practice, where she specializes in energy-based therapies. Barbara is also the Co-Chair of the Certification Review Board for Healing Touch Program. Ms. Starke holds certifications as a family nurse practitioner, an advanced practice holistic nurse, a Healing Touch practitioner and instructor, a NADA trainer and addictions detox specialist (ADS). Barbara is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nurses, the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA), the American Holistic Nurses Assoc., and Healing Touch Professional Association. She has served on the Certification Review Board of HTI and the Leadership Council of AHNA. Barbara has taught holistic nursing both nationally and internationally. She is a skilled and dynamic speaker with a thorough understanding of integrative/holistic therapies and how to integrate them into conventional health care in effective and possible ways. Barbara’s intention is to empower healthcare professionals to use Healing Touch for their own self-care as well as the comfort and healing of all others.


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