Journaling Your Path to Certification Renewal – Will You Be Ready?

Journaling Your Path to Certification Renewal – Will You Be Ready?

Keep the Journal in your computer for the most flexibility in handling the material. It might be helpful to set up a folder for Certification Renewal. Under this folder you might make a sub-folder titled “Timeline to Certification Renewal”. Entries can be made in the “Timeline” chronologically for everything you do related to Healing Touch. It may be a “one liner” about liability insurance renewal, or a longer reflection on an experience with a Healing Touch (HT) client. Other ideas include notes on books you read; important points you learned from another professional on an HTPA Interview Call; a conversation with your mentor; keynote speakers, continuing education credits and networking at conferences; explaining HT to your neighbor; volunteer hours and what this experience means to you; how many clients you see each week; articles you write; recognition you receive from anyone; entries on how you feel about what you’re doing; what you are doing for self-care, etc. Each entry can be creatively set apart by using different fonts and lettering sizes, color, italics, underline, and bold highlighting. Space between entries allows you to add reflections that relate to your journey as you review your journal through the next five years.

The pages become numerous as the years go by. But the chronological timeline creates a web of experience. Rather than break it apart, create sub-folders and copy and paste sections of your timeline into the sub-folder when you find it important to review a topic separately. For example, highlight, copy and paste your entries about conferences into a sub-folder on “Conferences”. Copy and paste your notes on books into a sub-folder on “Books”. This can be done as you work through your journal, or at a time when you need to retrieve information for your use.

At the end of five years, you will have a treasure trove of information to use for Certification Renewal - more than enough to answer the required questions, and the details of every experience which memory has a hard time bringing up all by itself sometimes. Add each certificate you receive to your Personal Profile Notebook and you will be all set to present yourself as a continuing Healing Touch Certified Practitioner.

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Happy Journaling!

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