Ecology of Mind

Ecology of Mind

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program February Issue  Ecology of Mind by Corinne Crockett, RN, Grad.Diploma Nursing, CHTP, RSI Interim Practitioner

“My Dad died of high blood pressure at 50, I know I am next.” How many times have you heard someone tell you that the health concerns of their elders would surely be visited
upon them? It may come as a relief and asurprise to know that the relatively new science
of epigenetics reveals that belief systems have more to do with our health than does our genetics.



Epigenetics is an emerging science that explores factors that influence the expression of our genes. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Dawson Church, and Dr. Randy Jirtle are among the pioneers of this science. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief (2005), reveals the exciting news that our beliefs and our inner environments have great infl uence over our DNA; we are not victims of our genetics; we are the authors of our experience, often unknowingly.

Our genes respond to the environment of our bodies. Our belief systems and thoughts create the environment in which our genes exist. Our cells respond to each and every thought and emotion by altering the chemicals they secrete. To test this, take a moment to focus on a big, yellow, juicy lemon. It will only take a minute to really see the lemon in your mind’s eye. Smell the lemon, cut the lemon, and, in your imagination, squeeze some lemon juice into your mouth. This tiny moment spent focusing on a lemon causes one’s mouth to water. Now, think about where your mind spends most of its time. Stress, worry, frustration, and anxiety all cause chemical reactions within our bodies.

Stress chemicals become toxic to our health. If your thoughts were being broadcast on a radio station would you tune in? Would you knowingly expose yourself to the negativity that rolls through most people’s minds? I think not! On the upside of things, science is fi nding that changing our mind can have a powerfully positive effect on our health. This puts a new twist on Ecology! Ecology of Mind is choosing to no longer pollute our inner environments with negative thoughts and beliefs. Becoming aware of, and weeding out mistaken ideas we have borrowed — often unknowingly from our parents and from society — is powerful ecology for your body and your future.

So, take stock. Pay attention to the many, many thoughts your have during each day. What is the flavor of these thoughts? How do these thoughts make you feel? Now, think about these thoughts — take a step back and critically think about them. Do you REALLY believe them? Do you WANT them to be true? If not, then change your mind. Your health and happiness will soon follow.

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About the author:
Corinne Crockett is an RN, BScN, M(c) Health Sciences Nursing, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Spiritual Coach Intern with International Centres for Spiritual Living. She currently teaches at UBC Okanagan in the School of Nursing.


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