Creating Your Professional Image as a Healing Touch and/or Energy Medicine Practitioner

Creating Your Professional Image as a Healing Touch and/or Energy Medicine Practitioner

Originally published in Energy Magazine: The official Publication of the Healing Touch Program April 2011 Issue.

Professional Development for Healing Touch and Energy Medicine Practitioners As our professional careers in energy practice continue to rapidly develop and we become more exposed to mainstream regulations of professionalism, Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA) is called to continually establish new ways to support you and help you 

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When you, yourself are looking for a professional to provide a personal service, how do you choose them?

Clearly understanding what is important to you will help you know what you need to consider when presenting your services to the public.

If someone doesn’t know you personally, how does your marketing material present you and the services you offer? It is essential to think about your professional image and what image you are presenting to others. According to Harvard Business School professor, Laura Morgan Roberts, “Your professional image is the set of qualities and characteristics that represent perceptions of your competence and character as judged by your key constituents (i.e., clients and colleagues).

Questions you should ask yourself: Does your professional image make you appear trustworthy and competent? Does it convey you as an expert in a particular area? Are your services clearly identified and explained?

In today’s world having an online presence is crucial for a business. According to several sources, 76% of the U.S. population owns or has access to a computer. We are a computer savvy society and your online business presence brings you into a potential client’s awareness. If someone learns about you through word of mouth or print media they will want to check out your web site and social media venues to gather more information about you and your services. Your image speaks a thousand words.

Some of the professional services you will want to consider creating, or possibly revamping, to have the best possible professional image are: a graphic artist for a logo, imaging, business card and brochures; a printer for signs and other printed materials; a web designer for a web site; a writing professional to help with content for your website, printed materials and blogs.

Networking with other professionals increases your visibility and can provide you with referrals to professionals in other industries. Networking can take the form of personal face to face meetings, conferences, local gatherings, and on-line listings.

Popular sites like can help you build and increase your network of like-minded professionals, other service professionals and even potential clients.

Consider the ways that you project your professional appearance to your clients. Displaying degrees, certificates, and awards in your office is one way. Defining and describing your credentials and achievements in your written materials is another. Creating a conducive office or treatment atmosphere is yet another. Pay attention to what you see other professionals doing and the impact it has on you as a patient or client.

Use yourself and your own thoughts, attitudes and desires as a measure for what you want your client to experience with you and act accordingly.

Carrying Professional and General Liability Insurance is one way to increase your professionalism. Protect your personal and business assets and all the energy and hard work you have put into developing your practice. Professional Liability Insurance protects you against covered claims arising from real or alleged errors or omissions, including negligence, in the course of your professional duties. It also indicates to your clients that you are practicing professionally. You can learn more about HTPA’s Professional and General Liability Insurance, including how much coverage you need by visiting

Creating your professional image is an important step to manifest business success.

Thank you to Sharon Robbins, Margaret Nies and Sue Walker who all graciously gave their time to help to write this article.

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