Bringing the Gift of Healing Touch to Remote India

Bringing the Gift of Healing Touch to Remote India

By Kimberly Kuppenheimer, MA, PA, HTCP/I

It is with great joy that I happily introduce our first HTP Level 1 class from Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu, south India! Eleven students took their initial Healing Touch journey from June 30-July 1, 2017. As we do all across the globe in our standardized program, these students shared their stories of discovery while learning and experiencing 12 Healing Touch Level 1 techniques.

This was my first time teaching abroad and I quickly realized that when there are language barriers it is critical for everyone in the class to deeply Center, Ground and Attune to maintain sacred space. I also learned to truly trust that the energy would convey the textbook material to non-native English speakers. The results were a powerful Level 1 class! All pendulums were showing energy patterns the first try. These Tamil students were all feeling heartfelt connections with their classmates and discovering that they are indeed more than their physical bodies, they are energy bodies too. This was most evident after their introduction to the self-chakra connection on the morning of the second day. Cindy Parsons, RN, BSN, MS-HCA, HTCP/I, was a fantastic Class Helper, holding essential therapeutic space for the class and expertly guiding students in their hands-on practice.

These new Tamil Nadu HT Level 1 students plan to weave their new Healing Touch practice into caring for the hospice patients at the Akash Home for the aged and dying and at the Padaman Village Hospital. the students also realized the importance of meeting in a monthly practice group led by Kumutha Ro and we are exploring the idea of skyping from the USA to help ensure proper Healing Touch techniques are being utilized. At the end of class there was an enthusiastic request for Level 2!

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Listed in order of appearance: Kimberly Kuppenheimer HTCP/I, Class Instructor; L.N.D. Vijayyamurugan, N.K. Jawaharlal, Laurie Freeman PA-C, S.V.Viji, G. Loganathan, T.J. Rama, Cindy Parson2 HTCP/I, Class Helper; T.R. Durga, M.K. Jeevanandam, A.B. Sakthi,  A.S. Ramila, Kumutha Ro, Class Coordinator


Primary School Children’s Introduction to Healing Touch

There was the added benefit of touring schools in remote villages outside of the city of Madurai where I was invited to introduce the concepts of Healing Touch to over a hundred, primary school aged children. It was initially daunting to figure out how to present our Healing Touch material to these children who didn’t speak any English but I had a terrific interpreter, Kumutha Ro, to help. It occurred to me to pick up a leaf from the ground and use that as a symbol of a living thing that receives energy from the sun to give a tangible reference point to our bodies needing and using energy to be alive. Then, using a chakra bear doll I brought from the States, I demonstrated the location of the major chakras and instructed on how to bring our attention to these energy centers that give us "superpowers,” much like a “super hero.” The children learned to center their attention by quieting their minds and going into their hearts, and grounding to the earth and attuning to themselves and classmates. I explained that by centering our energy into our heart and then charging up our hand chakras with that loving energy, we then have the "super power" to help those who are sick by bringing healing energy to them. The children practiced Magnetic Passes: Hands Still on themselves and on classmates and reported enthusiastically that they felt the energy flow!

The Level 1 and Healing Touch for Children classes would not have been possible without the support of Chris and Lisa Gordon and my teachers whose shoulders I stand on (Cynthia Hutchison, Janna Moll, Tim McConville, Sr. Rita Jean Dubrey, Sherri Cote and Roberta Brown Brugo). It is with humble and profound gratitude that I wish to thank the board of HTWF for awarding me a grant to bring HT to south India. It is also because of generous HT students and practitioners who kindly donate to HTWF that we are all able to share the benefit of our program with the poor and remote regions of the world. This class is one small example of how we are all equal partners in fulfilling Janet Mentgen’s dream of bringing this inspired program to every home.

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