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Energy Magazine's mission is to share information about energy medicine and Healing Touch through stories of personal experience and articles that articulate the life-changing opportunities that await you in the exciting and wonderful world of energetic touch.

Energy articles are written by teachers, students, practitioners and patients who have explored the many benefits and applications of Healing Touch. Energy will educate you on how to introduce Healing Touch to clients, new students, family and friends. Energy will inform you about current and community events related to Healing Touch, book reviews and current class schedules.

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Archived Issues
In the archived issues, the class schedules have been removed to reduce the size of these files. To see the current Healing Touch class schedule, visit our class schedule on this website or see the current issue of Energy Magazine.

August 2008: Energy Medicine in the Home

  • Energy Medicine for Secondary Schools
  • Growing a Practice, Growing a Relationship
  • Working at Home
  • Using Healing Touch with Babies
  • Experiences with Healing Touch

July 2008: Growing Healing Touch Worldwide

  • Healing Touch Around the World
  • Take Time: Words
  • Fibromaylagia and Healing Touch
  • Idiophones in Healing
  • Money as Energy: Exchanges Around the Globe

June 2008: Energy Magazine 2nd Anniversary

  • Research Basis for Healing Touch
  • Chi Kung Healing
  • Introducing Healing Touch to your Friends and Family
  • Healing Touch in a Muggle World

May 2008: Healing Touch and Disease

  • Enter the World of Autism
  • Healing Emotional Dis-ease
  • Featured Practitioner
  • Disease and Healing through Heart Centered Living
  • Energetic Touch

April 2008: Marketing Your Healing Touch Practice

  • Creating a Healing Practice
  • Successfully Marketing your HT Practice
  • The Healing Touch Professional Association
  • Money as Energy: Success in the Business of Healing
  • Featured Healing Touch Certified Practitioner: CDR Dale M. Bates

March 2008

  • Healing Touch in a Psychiatric Nursing Home
  • Music and Healing
  • Healing Touch for Self Care
  • An Extraordinary Triumph
  • The Hand Series

February 2008

  • The Birth of an Energy Medicine Program: Healing Touch for Animals
  • The Birth of the Anatomy for Healers Workshops
  • Words That Heal
  • Healing Touch for Babies
  • The Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Program

December 2007/January 2008: Gratitude

  • Gazing Through Goggles of Gratitude
  • Lovely as a Tree
  • The Energy of Food
  • A Journey in the arms of The Beloved
  • Take Time for Gratitude

November 2007: First Aid and Trauma Issue

  • Using Healing Touch as Energetic First Aid
  • Releasing Trauma from the Brain
  • Subtle Energy, Energy Medicine and the Big Picture of Energy Medicine
  • Post Traumatic Stress: A Basic Guide to Re-establishing Safety
  • Money as Energy

October 2007: Part 2: Healthcare Facilities Issue

  • Show Up for a Stand Down
  • Teddy Bears as Vehicles of Healing
  • Notes from my Watercolor Journal
  • Money as Energy
  • How Healing Touch has Affected my Nursing Career

September 2007: Healthcare Facilities Issue

  • Jean Watson's Caring Theory
  • Astonishing DNA Experiment
  • Healing Touch at Greenwhich Hospital
  • Yuma Regional Hospital
  • Grant Medical Center

August 2007: Practitionership Issue

  • The Business Journal as a Tool
  • Informed Consent
  • Manifesting a Successful Practice
  • One Way to Deal with Empty Fire
  • Creating the Healing Environment

July 2007: Special Self Care Issue

  • 5 for Feeling Fully Alive: Self Care for LIfe
  • Path of Healership: The Importance of Self Care for the Healer
  • Ladies Have You Phluffed Your Girls Today?
  • Learning the Fundamentals of Self Care
  • Body-MIND-Spirit: Balancing Self Care
  • 7 Habits of Healthy Eating

June 2007

  • Meet Our Central Asia Healing Touch Coordinator: Ugyen Tsewang
  • Hints for Documenting Healing Touch Sessions
  • Special Mentoring Section-The Gifts of Mentorship
  • Mentoring in Healing Touch
  • Hints for Documenting Healing Touch Sessions

May 2007

  • Power of Intention
  • Using "The Secret" with Healing Touch
  • Healing TOuch at 30,000 Feet
  • A Distance Healing Story
  • The Journey

April 2007

  • Healing Touch in Auroville, India
  • Working with Energy Medicine Skeptics Part 2
  • The Four Attributes of the Heart
  • Money as Energy: Your Urge For A Rich Life
  • 2007 Healing Touch class schedule

March 2007

  • "Integrative Therapies" promotes wholeness at Sharp HospiceCare
  • Working with Energy Medicine Skeptics
  • A Reflection on Level 5
  • Money as Energy: Prosperity Requires Receiving
  • 2007 Healing Touch class schedule

February 2007

  • Staying Conscious in an Unconscious World
  • Judy Turner and the Healing Touch Program
  • Healing Touch Empowering Lives in Peru
  • A Rocket Scientist in Healing Touch?
  • Money as Energy: Vibrate What You Want

January 2007

  • The Journey From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be
  • Healing Touch For Babies Workshops
  • 2007 Canadian National Conference
  • Money As Energy “Tithing in 2007”
  • "May I Open My Eyes”

December 2006

  • Accessing the Wisdom of the Physical Body
  • Energy Partners: A Service Program of the Heart
  • My Journey to Wholeness
  • Healing Touch in the Pediatric Perioperative Setting
  • Money As Energy

November 2006

  • Adding Energy Medicine to your First Aid Kit
  • Bringing Light to the Roof of the World: Healing Touch in Tibet
  • Full Circle: Healing Touch Buddies in Florida
  • Money As Energy

October 2006

  • Taking A Healing Touch Level 4 Class
  • The Healing Touch Technique Review Cards
  • HTI Conference Review
  • Meet the CEO
  • Money As Energy

September 2006

  • We Are the Healing Environment
  • Taking a Healing Touch Level 3 Class - The Art of Being a Healer
  • Sonic Soul Healing
  • Celebrating Our 1st Healing Touch Europe Conference
  • Money As Energy

August 2006

  • Taking a Healing Touch Level 2 Class - What’s it all about?
  • A Pebble in the Pond
  • Interview with Dr. Mimi Guarneri
  • Healing Touch International Conference
  • Book Review THE HEART SPEAKS: A Cardiologist Reveals the Secret Language of Healing

July 2006

  • Energy Healing - Your Body’s First Choice
  • Taking a Healing Touch Level 1 Class - What’s it all about?
  • An Orchid Named Healing Touch
  • Jay's Story - A Student's Story
  • Sonic Soul

June 2006

  • Janet Mentgen and the Healing Touch Story
  • Healing Through Touch in the Acute Care Setting
  • Healing Touch at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine
  • My Journey into Healing Touch - A Student's Story
  • What Can the Business Council Do For You?

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