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“Miracles happen when energy moves.” ~ Lynn Luebben, MS, LPC, CSAC, HTCP/I, Mentor

During her first Healing Touch class, Lynn Luebben felt something foreign in another student’s head. “When I told the student what I noticed, she started to cry and told the class she had an inoperable brain tumor. That is when I knew I was on the right path.  The gifts were leading me.”

At that time, Lynn had been a psychotherapist for 30 years. She was frustrated by the slow progress clients were making until she shared techniques clients could do for themselves, and they improved more quickly.

Then, Lynn received clients who had physical problems. A doctor sent his patient to her for psychotherapy because her body was rejecting the liver she had recently received, and she was struggling emotionally to receive the gift of life the liver provided. He was amazed at a subsequent visit that her body was accepting the liver after Lynn taught her Healing Touch and other techniques that made acceptance possible. 

Lynn has been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 2017.  She became Certified as a HTP Instructor in 2021. Having taken the HTP mentoring class she provides mentoring for Healing Touch Students both locally and long distance.  She has been a member of Healing Touch Professional Association since 2012 when she started her practice at La Bella Luce, LLC in Wisconsin and has expanded her business to Arizona as Heart n Hands Healing.

Lynn provides in person treatments in Healing Touch and other holistic, drug-free methods for being well to clients in the South-Eastern Wisconsin, and the Phoenix, Arizona areas. Her clients tell her they see improvement in their mental clarity, increased feelings of peacefulness and happiness, reduction in physical pain, and relief from stress. 

She also teaches a variety of classes in Shamanism as well as Energy therapy approaches. Her heart centered approach allows students to grow at their own pace. 

Her background includes a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and service as a psychotherapist and school counselor since 1981. In 2010, she was honored at the American School Counselors Association for contributions to evaluating counseling programs nationwide.  In 2011 she became an ordained minister from Universal Life Church and has practiced Spiritualist mediumship.

She has developed an eclectic approach, working with each person’s understanding, to empower individuals to participate in their own healing so they go on to lead healthy, productive lives. “I am truly amazed by the inner strength of clients as they regain hope, develop insight, and heal. I am thankful to be granted this opportunity.”

Contact Lynn to talk about how Energy Therapy can help you heal, schedule an Energy Therapy treatment, or enroll in a Healing Touch class.

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