Patricia Yetman
United States of America
Massachusetts (MA)
7 Red Pine Lane, Wareham, MA

Pat Yetman offers Introduction to Healing Touch, Healing Touch for Self Care and Healing Touch level 1 classes, as well as consultations and treatments for clients seeking support and balance for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.   

In addition to over 18 years experience in Healing Touch and 20 years experience as a health educator in the public schools and in public health, Pat offers Healing Touch as a volunteer for hospice, pediatric palliative care and cancer patients.  Pat has a Healing Touch practice group for her students that meets monthly in her home healing center, and has started a Massachusetts HTPA Healing Touch Chapter.  Pat is a Mentor in training and will soon become a Qualified Mentor (QM).

To schedule an appointment or enroll in a class call 774-678-0150 or 508-441-0635 C.

"There is a Soul Force in the Universe, which if we permit it will flow through us and produce miraculous results." ~ Gandhi 


Pathway to Inner Balance