Marilyn Stulb
1, 2
United States of America
North Carolina (NC)
757- 560-4744

     Marilyn Stulb knew that she had found a profound healing modality after her first Healing Touch session. Her comment after her first class was that she had "found heaven on earth with Healing Touch and the wonderful people involved".   Now with her private practice in Charlotte, NC, she treats clients with Healing Touch, Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy.  She  provides Healing Touch in hospitals and other facilities.  She teaches Levels 1 and 2 in various hospitals and other facilities.  She is also a member of the Healing Touch Program Ethics Committee.

     In keeping a balanced life, Marilyn has been a flight attendant for an international airline for over 39 years where she is a team member of the Critical Incident Response Program. for American.  She hopes to incorporate her love of Healing Touch with her airline work.  She has presented to over 300 people in Dallas holistic methods of recovering from trauma or stressful life experiences.  She has raised 2 wonderful daughters, and is known to get excited at the mention of Virginia Tech football, or any Hokie sport!

     Having completed her Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology, she is helping others reclaim their lives and move forward to live with joy and purpose.