Ann O'Malley
1, 2, 3
United States of America
Illinois (IL)
Villa Park
28379 Davis Pkwy, Ste. 803, Warrenville, IL

Ann has been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 1999 and Certified Instructor since 2001. She teaches Levels 1 - 3 predominately in the western suburbs of Chicago and the Veterans Administration Hospitals. She also teaches Energetic Transformations an advanced energy healing class. The inspired name of her private practice came to her during meditation: Chrysalis Healing Center, Inc - a Safe Haven for Transformation. Her office is in Warrenville, where she combines her knowledge of energy healing, holistic nursing and shamanic practices to guide her clients on the path of self healing and empowerment. Ann is a public speaker offering lectures on stress management and energy medicine. Her goal is to assist others in becoming free of restrictions on all levels and empower them on their path to wellness and a full life.

Chrysalis Healing Center, Inc.