Jane Hightower
1, 2, 3
United States of America
Georgia (GA)
473 Creekwalk Cr., Martinez, GA

Jane grew up an Army Brat living in the Orient and Europe as well as many places in the US, but feels her true adventures began when she started teaching Healing Touch in 1992. Trained by Janet Mentgen and the core instructors, she was the 11th person to be certified as both practitioner and instructor and is a Qualified Mentor.

She is retired from outside work after 21 years as a manager for St. Joseph Hospital in Augusta, GA , and then Heartland Hospice. She practices and teaches HT, Life Force Healing, and Stone Empowerment classes. She authored a book on the healing properties of stones - Stone Empowerment: A Resource for Both the Beginner and the Adept. Living in Japan and Taiwan peaked Jane's interest in things Oriental and she is a Reiki Master and offers Feng Shui home assessments. See her website at www.StoneEmpowerment.com .

Jane has two daughters, Paula in the Los Angeles area and Kristen in New York City. She is also the energy healer for the wolves and wolfdogs who live at Apex Protection Project. See them at www.apexprotectionproject.org or on Face Book.