1. Mentorship Requirements
  2. How to Find a Mentor
  3. Articles to Aid Mentees

Mentorship Requirements

Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentices (HTP-A) who have completed Level 4 are required to be in an active mentorship with a mentor or Qualified Mentor (QM) for at least six months prior to attending Level 5.

Healing Touch Practitioners who have graduated the program and are preparing for certification are required to be in an active mentorship with a mentor or QM for a minimum of one year to meet the application requirement. This one year period includes the mentorship between Levels 4 and 5.

The specific guidelines for mentorship and the roles of the mentee and mentor are detailed in the Level 4/5 Class Notebook.

The mentee may be supervised by either a QM or a mentor who is supervised by a QM.

How to Find a Mentor

Mentees find mentors and/or QMs through the Practitioner Directory and by asking for references from their Level 4 instructor and others in the HT community (students, practitioners and instructors).

Mentees may be supervised by a QM or mentor that is local, or one that is in another area.

Some important things to consider when choosing a mentor:

  • Do you want your mentor to be local so that you have the option of meeting face to face?
  • Do you want to work one on one with the mentor or do you prefer to be part of a mentorship group?
  • Do you prefer to be supervised directly by a QM?
  • Has the QM or mentor taken the Mentor Training Course, or does s/he plan to?

It is important that the mentor and mentee interview each other to determine compatibility. Reflect upon your learning-teaching styles, your personalities and your schedules and availability for this working relationship. Think about what you want out of the mentorship experience in preparation for your journey toward Level 5 and certification.

In the directory, search under “Mentor Status” for either Qualified Mentor or Mentor. The individual’s listing provides information on her/his qualifications, location and whether or not s/he charges for mentorship.

Articles to Aid Mentees

Mentees Finding Mentors With Ease http://healingtouchprogram.com/resources/ht-community-news-archive/62-student-information/161-mentees-finding-mentors-with-ease