Practitioner Information

By Victoria F. Stewart, HTCP/I, HTACP

I have been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner for 10 years and I am always looking to enhance my skills and understanding of energy. I have taken and retaken, many times, Sue Hovland’s Anatomy for Healers® Level 1 and 2 classes, and Rita Kluny’s Healing Touch for Babies workshop.

Just recently, I re-took the Healing Touch for Babies workshop for the second time and a light went off in my head about one of my clients who has a life time and multi-life time issues in her tissues. Rita Kluny made a statement during the HTB class that stuck with me. “Chakras were an energetic counter-part of the endocrine system”.

In Anatomy for Healers Level 2 Sue Hovland teaches a Basic Glandular Balancing from Devra West of the Sacred Arts Institute. I love the Basic Glandular Balancing technique and use this quite a lot.  This technique has eleven hand positions that work with everything in the glandular system.

“This endocrine balance procedure is more powerful and spiritual than just stimulating body contact points. Persons may experience a change of karmic pattern as well as psychological changes and improvement of the immune system.  Psychic and spiritual connections can be made and strengthened.  Glandular balancing is useful after other therapies (i.e. massage) as it helps to manifest the spiritual foundation necessary to follow through with change. The glandular flow alignment may be used with a variety of concerns such as hypoglycemia, emotional emergencies, adrenal fatigue, thyroid malfunction, immune system problems and any physical symptoms that are a result of glandular problems” (Devra West).

A story about my client: When my 50 year old female client (I will call her AB) and I began working together, she had recently finished 6 years of divorce proceedings, during which time she also had breast cancer and a family murder/suicide. After a year of appointments with me, the area of breast cancer returned to a normal MRI.

AB has had more than 50 appointments with me in the several years since she added my treatments to the other holistic methods she was using for cancer and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome due to Family of Origin issues including repeated childhood sexual abuse. The other holistic modalities included hypnotherapy, homeopathic, acupuncture, BEST (bio energetic synchronization technique), psychotherapy, Neuro Emotional Technique, shamanic soul retrieval, Reiki, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

I was sure and believed that the Basic Glandular Balancing from Anatomy for Healers treatments would help address her hypothyroid condition and much more. Her only prescription medication was a low dose of natural thyroid supplement. Last year (2011) AB responded well to the Basic Glandular Balancing treatments. Her energy system was calmer. The Basic Glandular Balancing also seemed to improve her cat’s asthma dramatically. The frequency of the cat’s medications changed from every 8 hours to 12 hour intervals, and his asthma attacks reduced from several times each week to going for several weeks without any attacks. Since AB lives alone, this freed up her life quite a bit.

The Basic Glandular Balancing treatments address karmic issues. According to her psychology diagnosis, she was innately healthy. Her issues were in response to a pattern of abuse and murder that began many lifetimes ago, from people including several members of her immediate family.

The Healing Touch for Babies class led me to consider using the Endocrine treatment as if treating AB “in utero”. I used eleven holds with the intention of each eleven holds in this present time of AB’s life and her issues. Then I used a second intention with each eleven holds going to the client when she is in utero! I then wanted to ask AB of her history in utero and at birth, I learned several things that supported my idea of combining these two therapies. She was her mother’s first pregnancy, and due to a risk of miscarriage, her mother was confined to bed and both college educated parents became unemployed. Her mother could no longer teach and her father had to cancel his new job on the other side of the country, even though he had already left his current job. So for a while they moved in with parents.

She was born healthy and full term via vaginal delivery, but due to being 10 lbs. the doctors had given her mother a general anesthesia despite her objection to it. The family stories are about the traffic ticket her father got for passing a school bus on the way to the hospital. Their next child was born 14 months later, and they had 4 children in 5 years.

During the Basic Glandular Balancing in Utero treatment, AB’s experience for the first time included seeing a variety of colors, including white, black, yellow and orange. In the past, she was aware only of the chills from energy shifts. During the month afterwards AB’s personal boundaries strengthened. AB reframed several experiences in her past and decreased her tolerance level of unbalanced relationships. AB also had several experiences of her intuition being more clear and accurate. Positive things she thought about began to happen. AB began to get telepathic messages from her animals, including helping her with her own treatments and those she gave others. WOW!  An amazing shift occurred with my client.

At this time, I want to recognize with appreciation the wise women that have created these classes. To Sue Hovland for the amazing and in-depth work that went into the Anatomy for Healers® Levels 1, 2 and 3 workshops. And to Rita Kluny for her love and commitment to Babies, and for creating Healing Touch for Babies for us to understand the ones that cannot speak for themselves.