HT Professional Association

HTPA is supporting Healing Touch to the Military and is happy to share Stand Down experiences reported by two of our HTPA members, Susan Russell, HTCP/I and Nanette Sagastume, HTCP. Susan was the Lead Organizer for four November Stand Downs in Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Sherman. Nanette organized Healing Touch to Viet Nam Vets at their Annual Reunion which was held in Arlington, VA this year. Here are snippets from each event:

    This was our fourth opportunity to participate in the Dallas Texas event, organized by the North Texas VA System. Seven Volunteers, providing 28 hours of time, gave Healing Touch mini sessions to 38 grateful Veterans and Support Staff. All recipients gave us positive feedback, as did the event organizers. We were given a large, quiet room which amplified the work. HT mini sessions, 2on1 and 1on1, were given. We got word at the end of the day that we would be invited back next year.


    Lee Campbell at Dallas Stand Down  /  Second Photo Dallas Srand Down HT PractitionersAshley Hardman, June Cook, Kris Sands, Susan Lockhart, Karen Russell, Gilda Campbell 

    Fort Worth:
    We were given our own very large, quiet room, as well as a VA manager to man our table, directing participants to our space. We gave sessions, some 2on1 but most 1on1, to 24 participants. We gave numerous sessions to VA support staff who work directly with the homeless transitional housing. We got word at the end of the day that we would be invited back next year.

    San Antonio:
    This was our second year to participate in the San Antonio Stand Down. We provided HT mini sessions of Mind Clearing, Pain Drain and Magnetic Passes: HIM & HS, to 18 participants in chairs under a big-top tent in the parking lot of the American GI Forum. The event organizers misunderstood our request, so we did not get much space resulting in us giving HT sessions in chairs rather than on tables. We were well received and told we would be invited back next year.

    San Antonio Stand Down, HT Practitioners are: Marie Miller, Army RN VietNam & HTP2 student and Susan Russell, HTCP/I


    Arlington VA HT Practitioners: Tammy Askins, Nanette Sagastume, Kathy and Mark Costa.

    The location of the reunions varies across the country and this year it was held in Arlington, Virginia. For the fourth year in a row, I was privileged to organize a Healing Touch event for the Vietnam Veterans of Second Battalion First Marines (my husband’s unit) at their annual reunion. I was so fortunate to receive the help of local (and not so local) Healing Touch volunteers who assisted over the course of three afternoons. Many volunteers traveled from southern Virginia (approximately a three- to four-hour drive). One out-of-town volunteer spent the night in order to help again the next day; one local volunteer turned her original two-day commitment into helping all three days and even lent me a massage table for the duration of the event. One helped on the afternoon before she had to be at a Level 4 class two states away. These volunteers came just because they wanted to do something for those who had served our country. Healing Touch has been a part of the reunions since 2010; as a result, there is a growing group of attendees who seek us out. One gentleman came every day! Healing Touch Program made their volunteer aprons available, which gave us a smart, professional appearance.

     Arlington VA HT Practitioners: Dottie Graham, Barbara Binney, Toni Cacioppo, Nanette Sagastume, Debbie Woodell, and Tammy Askins.

Over the three afternoons we gave sessions to more than sixty-five veterans and their family members, with some significant client responses. One woman whose brow was furrowed and jaw tense came in with a “ten” in anxiety (out of zero-to-ten) and left twenty minutes later with a smooth brow, a smile on her face, and a stress level that had dropped to “four.” Headaches and back aches were improved and in many cases, relieved for days. It is astounding what even a short session of Healing Touch can accomplish!

This event would not have been successful without the help of: Tammy Askins, Barbara Binney, Toni Cacioppo, Kathy and Mark Costa (Mark is himself a retired Marine), Claudia Florez, Dottie Graham, and Debbie Woodell.

I look forward to organizing Healing Touch at the next reunion in Charleston, South Carolina in 2014!


Expanding the possible . . .
By Denise Lewis Premschak

I joined Voice for HOPE – Healers Of Planet Earth* in early 2010 as a member of the advisory board that was shaping a new vision -–one that I believed then and believe ever more strongly embodies unique potential for bringing SPIRIT to ground.

Voice for HOPE, through its HOPE on the HILL programs, connects the natural healing constituency with policymakers in such a way that ongoing individual relationships are created. HOPE then provides support to its Citizen Healers** so these relationships can flourish and lead to policies that advance freedom to choose your own path to wellness.

At HOPE on the HILL programs, Citizen Healers are educated and empowered with an understanding of the ‘lay of the land’ and the HOPE message before they make their visits to the Capitol. Since December 2010, HOPE has hosted 130 successful meetings between trained Citizen Healers and the offices of their own representatives on Capitol Hills in both Washington, D.C. and in Colorado.

Just what is the message that Citizen Healers are delivering? In a nutshell, it is: 1) There is an estimated 200 million strong natural healing constituency in this country - people who are spending dollars out of their own pockets for self-care and wellness, (Healing Touch, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, organic food, and much more). 2) These people are interested in enhancing and protecting their access to a broad range of health care products and services, and in preserving the rights of providers and practitioners to deliver them. 3) HOPE does not advocate any one healthcare alternative or solution. It is FOR access to unbiased and comprehensive healthcare information and FOR the freedom to choose our own wellness options.

A cornerstone of HOPE is its transpartisan approach. A model for this is expressed in the book, Voice of the People -The Transpartisan Imperative in American Life, co-authored by HOPE President, Jim Turner and Lawrence Chickering. Transpartisan transcends the partisan gridlock, contributing to a higher order; it could even be considered a spiritual concept. However one chooses to look at it, it grounds the mighty work of HOPE and invites all to participate. The social significance of the work of Voice for HOPE and its Citizen Healers can extend far beyond improvements in healthcare and wellness. Engagement in a vital civic dialogue allows for a new ‘social framework’ that upholds healing in dimensions such as:

  • Increased civic intelligence, connection, and empathy.
  • Leadership that creates and allows an expanded collective experience of trust, connection, engagement and personal responsibility.
  • Political dialogue where all points of view co-exist - one that elicits outcomes that serve the greatest good and every person’s quality of life.

The next HOPE on the HILL program will be held September 12-14 in Washington, D.C. Watch for the October 2012 Colorado HOPE on the HILL dates to be announced if you live in Colorado.

HOPE is here for all Healers Of Planet Earth to join its collective voice and to help to unleash, in the words of evocative poet David Whyte, the "shape that waits in the seed (of you) to grow and spread its branches against a future sky".

Here are some ways you can get involved today in this grassroots organization:

  • JOIN by signing up for the Voice for HOPE mailing list and receive relevant news and notices.
  • JOIN by becoming a contributing member of the HOPE community – send in your tax-deductible donation to support the growth of HOPE.
  • Tell your friends, clients, colleagues! Download printable and email-able information pieces from
  • Register for HOPE on the HILL in Washington, D.C. to receive your training as a Citizen Healer and begin to create positive and meaningful relationships with your political representatives using the HOPE model.


  • Contact me at to find out more about what you can do in your local area and with your professional and social associations.
  • Contact me at if you are a leader in an integrative healthcare organization and would like to receive Citizen Healer training for your members/associates.
  • VOLUNTEER to help us! Contributions of TIME and TALENT are needed for diverse, creative, and interesting responsibilities - among them, national and state congressional district HOPE Builders. Email
  • * Who are Healers Of Planet Earth?

    • Citizens -- consumers and providers of health and wellness care, including but not limited to concerned advocates, those maintaining wellness, caring for family members, seeking alternatives for specific health issues.
    • Healers – health and wellness care providers and their clients, including but not limited to licensed doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, herbalists, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, energy workers.
    • Policymakers committed to health and wellness care choice and effectiveness
    • Leaders – naturally allied spokespersons.
    • Associations and Organizations with interrelated, cooperative missions.
    • Industries related to nutrition, health maintenance and wellness enhancement, including but not limited to organic and medicinal herb growers, dietary supplement manufacturers, insurance companies.
    • Manufacturers/Distributors of biomedical devices, biofield technologies, pharmaceuticals.
    • Researchers/Developers of health and wellness products and modalities.

    ** Who are Voice for HOPE Citizen Healers?

    Conscious and Collaborative Healers Of Planet Earth who have received Citizen Healer training, participated in face to face meetings with policymakers at the national and/or state level, and are committed to bring forth healing by educating and supporting both policymakers and the general public. Some choose to engage in HOPE Builder activities.

    Denise Lewis Premschak is a Voice for HOPE Citizen Healer, advisor, and contributing member. She currently serves as Chief Executive for the organization. Denise is the former CEO of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). In her healing and consulting practice, Field Guide, LLC, she offers clients holistic tools for life and livelihood as well as intentional expansion strategies for their businesses. She has two adult sons and lives with her husband of 28 years in Parker, Colorado.