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Healing Touch Practitioner Brochure Healing Touch Practitioner Brochure

The Healing Touch Practitioner Brochure brochure is designed to educate the public about Healing Touch and its benefits and to increase understanding of what one might expect during a treatment. The four-color brochure is reasonably priced to aid the practitioner and student with their presentation of Healing Touch to clients, family and friends.

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Support Groups

Find a Healing Touch support group or clinic in your area. Healing Touch Practice Groups

Students Wishing to Transfer to HTP after taking a Healing Touch class in another program

Healing Touch Program welcomes students who have taken HT classes through another program and now wish to transfer their current classes or continue classes with the HTP curriculum. Please see our step-by-step guide for student transfers.

Recommended Reading List

Recommended Reading List
A vetted list of educational books that support the Healing Touch student, apprentice, and practitioner during their Level 4-5 journey or for certification and professional development.

HT Bookstore
Healing Touch Bookstore through The HT Bookstore includes books from the recommended book list and many more titles.

Note: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan has been translated into several languages. Bantham Books owns all the translations: German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, TCheck, Slovenian, Slovakian, Rumanian, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Vietnamese,Rumanian, and Bulgarian. It has not been translated into Hindu or Nepalese.

Professional Documents

HTP Code of Ethics

HTP Scope of Practice

Policy and Procedure for Implementing Healing Touch

Emergency Guidelines for Healing Touch Practitioner

Healing Touch Informed Consent - This ten page documnet covers Informed Consent for the Healing Touch practitioner and student. It includes an article by Janice Willard, BS, MS Ed., JD, HTCP: Informed Consent: An Integral Aspect of Documenting the Work , Healing Touch Policy Regarding Informed Consent and four sample consent forms.

Sample informed consent forms:
Sample A 
(page 162-163 of Level 2 Notebook)
Sample B 
(pages 164-165 of Level 2 Notebook)
Sample E 
(page 168 of Level 2 Notebook)

Documentation Forms

The 2016 HT Intake Interview and Session Documentation Forms for practitioner and student use are now available. These forms allow for consistent, systematic documentation of a client session with several available formats to suit individual documentation styles and need. They can be saved and printed from your computer.

Click here to see: Hints for Documenting Healing Touch Sessions Article by Cynthia Hutchison DNS, RN, HTCP/I, Healing Touch Program Director.

902 Healing Touch Intake Interview PDF

      Healing Touch Intake Interview - Form HTP 902. Two pages.

902 Healing Touch Intake Interview - Word Document
Healing Touch Intake Interview - Form HTP 902. Two pages.

930 Healing Touch Session Documentation - PDF
Healing Touch Session Documentation - Form HTP 930. Two pages. Note: This form now incorporates back work.

930 Healing Touch Session Documentation - Word Document
Healing Touch Session Documentation - Form HTP 930. Two pages.

Self Chakra Connection Sheet
One page sheet that shows the full self chakra connection that can be printed and be shared with clients for self care.

Body Centered Interview with the Chakra Connection
Body Centered Interview with the Chakra Connection Documentation - Form HTP 926. One page and one figure.

This form is:

      • For the "scribe" to document the details of the Body Centered Interview while it is being demonstrated by Instructor in Level 2 Healing Touch class.
      • For Practitioners to use after they have completed the Body Centered Interview with the Chakra Connection technique, to record whatever significant data they remember. It is recommended that you set your intention to remember the important aspects and energy patterns you experience during the treatment interview and then write them down after completing the Chakra Connection. However, it is possible to write a few things down as you progress, being mindful to stay energetically connected and present to your client if you do take a few seconds to script a note during the experience.
      • Can be used as a good self awareness tool for clients or practitioners to use for themselves. It gives a great visual representation of where symptoms are manifesting in the body and can help identify a particularly compromised chakra.

List of the current materials available to students.

HTP Curriculum/Teaching Materials include:

• Level 1 - Healing Touch Notebook Level 1 7th Edition April 2014

• Levels 2 – Healing Touch Notebook Level 2 7th Edition November 2013

• Level 3 – Healing Touch Notebook Level 3 6th Edition March 2013

• Levels 4/5 – HTP Level 4/5 Notebook 4th Edition November 2013 (both first and second printing are current, the page numbers are different as the second printing includes the 11 page Case Management Article, thus readjustment of the pages occured)

• AP 1 & 2 – HTP AP 1 and AP 2 Curriculum

• Technique Review Cards Levels 1 (2nd Edition April 2014)

• Technique Review Cards Levels 2 (2nd Edition April 2014)

• Technique Review Cards Levels 3 (3rd Edition April 2014)

Students can ordered notebooks and support materials through the Healing Touch Program office.


Level 2 Materials

Spiral Meditation Recording

Level 4/5 Materials

Level 5 Homework Requirements
Explanation of the homework requirements to bring to Level 5.

Case Management Article
This article should be printed and brought to Level 4 and Level 5 classes.

Case Study Examples
Includes an introduction to case studies and three case study examples.

Level 5 Resume Samples
These Resume Templates allow the Level 4 students to follow a sample template to support fulfilling the Requirements for Level 5 Resume submission.
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4

Healing Touch Methods Worksheet
This worksheet allows Level 4 students to track methods/techniques they are using in their practice.

Level 5 Homework Checklist

Practitioner Certification

Healing Touch Practitioner Certification - For complete information on how to become a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) or to renew your certification.