A Healing Journey Through Sound: Healing Music for HT Level 1

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The essence of Healing Touch involves a connection to the divine source, creating loving presence and flow that allows the person’s own healing to occur.

Piano and cello were chosen as the expression for this CD. The piano covers the full range of the body. The cello helps to reach a deeper resonation that allows profound connection deep in the body. Piano and cello, surface and deep in torso, allow for healing to occur on all levels. The CD begins with an introduction or intake section. The music in the second track deepens and becomes more relaxing for the assessment and treatment portion of the session. The third track offers inspiring infusions of joy created with the intention of leaving the client and practitioner grounded and ready to embrace the joy in life.

This CD is ideal for use during a treatment session, as an accompaniment to a self-healing meditation, or as relaxing and inspiring music to listen to at any time. Remember, you are part of the divine, living here on this planet in your body with all that you need to heal yourself.

About the Music: The music on this CD was created in an interpretive process with Arden Wilken, as sound therapist with over 30 years of experience, during an actual Healing Touch session by Lisa Mentgen-Gordon, CEO of Healing Touch Program and daughter of Janet Mentgen, Healing Touch’s founder. Arden translated the session into sound as it moved through the Healing Touch Basic sequence.

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