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Glass Teardrop Pendulums


Donna Gordon of Nod Rog Studios creates unique, one of a kind, pendulums for the healing arts using handblown glass.

The teardrop pendulums are a lightweight pendulum that swing well, yet are sensitive to very subtle influences, perfect for delicate work. When people first try one they are often surprised that even though they are light, they swing really well, and the pendulum ususally finds a home very quickly. They often become an instant favorite for those that try them.

The teardrop pendulums are a translucent glass accentuated with a 6" sterling silver chain and charm at the end. The teardrop is approximately 1.5" long. Although the size and general color will be similar, each teardrop is unique with individual subtleties and swirls of color. Charms will vary.

Donna is a professional glass blower with a studio in Loveland, Colorado.

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