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Healing Touch Technique Review Card Set


Set of Technique Review Cards includes Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Level 1 Includes:

Healing Touch Sequence
Magnetic Passes
Magnetic Clearing
Chakra Connection One on One
Chakra Connection Two on One
Self Chakra Connection
Pain Management
Headache Techniques
Chakra Spread
Mind Clearing
Scudder Technique

Level 2 Includes:

Healing Touch Sequence
One Hour Healing Touch Sequence
Spiral Meditation
Chakra Connection
Spiral Meditation on Self
Back Techniques
Neck Techniques
Trauma Interview
Mind Clearing
Modified Mind Clearing

Level 3 Includes:

Healing Touch Sequence for Level 3
Hara Alignment Meditation
Chakra Meditation
Core Star Expansion
Chelation of 1st Four Bodies
- Additional Deep Cleansing Treatments
- Spinal Cleansing Method
5th Level Interventions:
- Etheric Template Clearing
- Spiritual Surgery
- Lymphatic Drain
6th Level Intervention
7th Level Intervention
Chakra System

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