Healing Touch for Beginners

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Step-by-Step Guidance for Using Healing Touch for Self-Care 

DVD Format

Healing Touch for Beginners shows, us, step-by-step, how to use this powerful healing modality for our own personal health and wellness. In this guided video program, you will learn the fundamentals of the human energy system and how Healing Touch works with it. Healing Touch for Beginners covers:

  • Centering and grounding practices
  • Energetic awareness and self-assessment methods
  • Clearing and balancing the energy system
  • How to focus with intention and meditation
  • Techniques to direct the healing energy with the hands
  • Pain relief and management, and more
Healing Touch for Beginners provides you with essential principles, practices, and guidance for you to begin using this effective energy healing modality which uses your hands and intention to impact personal health, healing and wellness. Taught by Healing Touch senior instructor Janna Moll.

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