Thank you to the wonderful exhibitors who participated in the conference. Check out their websites for products you may purchase online.



Apex Protection Project (501c3) For protection of wolves & wolfdogs bred as pets. Products: Wolf Healing Pads, Chakra Friends, pendulum boxes/bags, Spirit Animals, Angels, books, Life Force Healings.
Back Country providing audio and video recordings of the conference.
Barbara Evans - Crystal Wings Healing Art Discover unique healing tools to support well-being. Explore and experience stunningly beautiful, energetic all powerful high vibrational art, Eden Healing Discs, Empowerment Cards, Coloring books and much more.
Belle Sante Hand crafted high power magnetic jewelry for overall healing and well-being.
Belle Star Aura Photographs are a powerful aid to understanding life patterning. Colors indicate skills of teaching, care-giving, coaching, writing, intuition, ministerial, management, etc. One-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry.
Biomat Store The BioMat, as a healing modality, emits Far Infrared Rays and produces Negative Ions which detoxify and reduce inflammation while the stimulating relaxation response. 
CosmicCuts Extraordinary quality healing grade stones in their most natural setting.
Cynthia Hutchison - Boulder Healing Touch CDs, art cards and posters.
Energy Magazine Visit our table for a first hand look at professionally printed copies of Energy Magazine, examples of our downloadable products and more. Free Energy Magazine bookmarks are available.
Healing Touch Store Stop by and check out our new products plus pick up old favorites.
Hearts in Synergy  
HTPA Table Come see the new 2016 Annual Report and get the latest news from the association.
HTWF Silent Auction
Jim Oschman Conference keynote and author.
Journey There Magical healing tools created to alchemically combine elements from nature to awaken, empower and co-create with you on your spiritual journey.
Kinetic Hands Keeping The World In Balance - Kinetic Hands is a HIPAA secure, web based, electronic medical record storage and transmission system for scheduling, registration, documentation of session and billing of Healing Touch.
Melinda Connor Conference keynote and author.
Networking Table Leave your business cards, information on your organization, class or upcoming event.
Ruth Kent LLC Emotion Code and Body Code technigue everyone can use to release trapped emotions that cause physical or emotional blocks or imbalance. Releasing these emotion will allow you to connect with the greatest version of who you are design to be. Our exclusive, spiritual working tools include select Artisan Jewelry, Raku Rattles by John Davis, Totem Carvings from Zuni Tribe, Hand Painted Drums and much more!